Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Song of the Day: The ARK by Not Advised

"But they're right this is hard, but we're not gonna change....We'll just hold our heads up high for one last chance and we'll try and make it....We've made it this far on our own. So are you with me, tell me are you with me?"

Love this song and band. Check them out, they're definitely worth it. 

With this song I feel like I can do anything and accomplish anything, especially when it comes to The Jukebox. I've received great comments about it recently and it's making me really happy. I don't finish many things and I give up pretty easily, but this is one thing I won't give up. So this song is perfect for me. People may put me down and I may not have a ton of likes or followers on the blog and it's not a huge success yet, but if I keep working at it, one day it'll be a huge success (more than it is now) and I know all my hard work will pay off. I'm going to stop here now, I feel like I'm rambling and you get my point.

Anyway, had a pretty good day. Went to see my History of Photography professor to drop my class and then went to Administration to drop it off. Had a test in Anthropology, which took me 20 mins. to do (and it's a 3 hour class) so I got out at 10:30. Came home, relaxed, baked some more cookies, and later I'll be doing some more letter writing. I was supposed to go see my friend tonight and hang out at her house but her grandfather passed away this morning, so she canceled our plans. 

And I have off tomorrow and Friday! I'm liking Wednesday's lately. 

How was your day? 

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