Saturday, August 9, 2014


craving, cleaning, daydreaming, growing, reading 

I'm currently craving food of all sorts. This year all I want to do is eat. My love of food has grown immensely, which I guess is because I'm going out more with Jose, so I'm trying new foods. Plus, I want to go to culinary school and I've been cooking more.  

I'm currently cleaning my room....slowly. Ok, I admit I haven't kept up with it and I also admit I'm not the best cleaner. But I do it eventually, so that counts right? 

I'm currently daydreaming of autumn! I can't wait for the crisp weather, the leaves changing, the pumpkins, the decor, Halloween, and everything in between. It's funny, back in May and June, I was raving about how I couldn't wait for the summer. I love both seasons, so I'm happy until December. 

I'm currently growing sunflowers, trying to grow tomatoes, strawberries, and an avocado tree. 

I'm currently reading Alphabet Weekends by Elizabeth Noble. It's such a good book! At first I was iffy on it, but I continued it and it's turning out to be really good. It's about 3 different couples; Natalie and Tom, who play a game where they do these different activities that start with the each letter of the alphabet. Lucy and Patrick; Patrick loses his job and Lucy gets fed up with him and starts cheating on him and Anna and Nicholas, Natalie's parents. Anna has depression and Nicholas gets a stroke. I definitely recommend it! Maybe I should start a book series on here? 

I know I've been quiet, I honestly try to keep up with this blog nowadays, but truthfully I have no motivation and I get distracted really easily. Like, I'll start one project, put it down, start something new, and never finish the first one. 

xx Courtney 
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