Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Sponsor Spotlight

This month I had the pleasure of sponsoring some wonderful and fabulous ladies. Here they are!

Desirae from Going With The Flow
I tend to blog about mommyhood, playing wife, cooking, baking, weight loss, and everything between.
Ashley from Wannabe Green
Day in the life of a stay at home mom that loves to make things, living with three little girls, a husband, and a spoiled puppy. I have a passion of crafting, reading, exercise, organizing, and recycling

hi, i'm niki! i'm a lover of clothes, music, photography, and twirling around in pretty dresses. my blog is where i post my personal style as well as inspiration and lots of pretty things.
A slice of life through the eyes of a vintage heart.
Ruzu from Princess Corner
Twitter ~ Instagram (@princess_corner) ~ Bloglovin ~ Facebook
My blog is my little corner, a piece of me. I love to share daily life, my photography, art, inspiration, vintage finds and my personal style.
Hayley from Hayley's World
All about my world! Everything from recipes, to crafts, to fun links up and photography!
Ashley from Beauty Flawed
My name is Ashley and I started Beauty Flawed over a year ago because I wanted a place where I could share my opinions on products I was trying out. My friends and family have always come to me when they have questions about beauty products so I decided blogging would be a great way to share with not only them but with others who are interested in beauty products. I primarily review beauty products but I also include bits of fashion, design, and everyday life in my blog too!
Beth from Arrow In The Eye
Hello there! I’m Beth, the girl behind the blog Arrow in the Eye. I’m a 20 something Southern raised very opinionated dog Momma and Apple product loving wife to a nerdy guy named Josh. We currently call the DC Metro area home because it was always my dream to live in the second worst city for traffic in United States.. Ok so maybe it wasn't my life long dream... After moving away from my family in south eastern Virginia, I decided to jump on the blog wagon and start one up to help keep in touch with friends and family I left behind. My blog mostly documents my adventures in junktiquing ( junking + antiquing = junktiquing), thrifting, my travels across the country, my attempts at trying to cook something edible and trying not to burn myself with the glue gun. So hop on over and feel free to lurk!
Katlyn from The Dreamy Meadow
The Dreamy Meadow is a life and inspirational blog based around my family. My name is Katlyn and I am an 18 year old mother and wife. I work as a Virtual Assistant and do some design aspects on the side. I love getting to know new people! So come say hi! :) 
Jennifer from Jennifer Leigh's Blog
Simple musings from a Texan stuck in NYC. 
I've always maintained I was born to be a 1950's housewife. I find enjoyment in cleaning my house, cooking and baking, general crafty loveliness and my bunny rabbit, Major Tom. I like anything pink, sparkley, adorned with a pin up girl or a bunny, horror films and dinosaurs.
Vicki from Live In My Heart
I'm a 27 year old mommy to Hailey and wife to Eric. I work full time dealing with the lovely world of cable. Naturally I LOVE TV shows. I spend my free time spending time with my little family, crafting, cleaning (ugh!), and enjoying life. My blog is about anything and everything that happens in my life, so don't expect something designated specifically towards one thing. I like variety!
Melissa from While It Rains
while it rains is a seattle based mommy blog in which i am the coordinator of chaos. it's a little bit about raising four kids (a man child, a dog, a cat, and three fish too!) and a little bit about mommy – going back to school and navigating life as a new wife and homeowner. it really is, more simply put, a running monologue of the misadventures that are our life...
Linda from My Passion Is
Twitter ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram (@linda_anne) 
I am a 26 year old law student living in NYC with my boyfriend. My blog is about my life, exploring NYC, scrapbooking, photography, cooking, crafting, and pretty much anything else that I am passionate about!
Kelly from Leafy Not Beefy
My blog started out as a way for me to share what I'm liking/eating on my journey to health. While that is still one of my goals for my blog, I've also discovered I like to share more about fashion, my faith, and whatever else pops into my head. I'm not as organized as I wish I was, I'm not as structured as I probably should be, but I'm learning to be okay with it. Life isn't about perfection, it's about enjoying and making the journey meaningful -- learning, laughing, crying, 
Stephanie from Our Marriage Adventure
Facebook ~ Twitter (@MrsOurMA) ~ Pinterest 
Hey Y'all! Our Marriage Adventure is a real look at what happens after the fairytale wedding and "I - Do." In other words, I keep it real by sharing the love, laughter, tears, and trials so you can look at your marriage and know you aren't alone. We're all crazy! So come on over and visit for a few.
Jess from Love On The Loop
My name is just Jess and I blog over at Love on the Loop. I'm still pretty new to this world and still trying to fit blogging into my life that is one big adventure! You'll read all about my newlywed adventures, filling up a brand new house with prettiness, and DIY projects. Life is one big adventure and I hope I'll inspire you just a little to live each day like there won't be a tomorrow!
Kayla from Close Encounters
Hi, I'm Kayla! I blog over at Close Encounters. I'm a twenty-something girl living in Kansas with my husband, Zach, and our wiener dog, Pixie. I'm a Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator during the day, and a avid TV-watcher/blogger/blog designer at night. I love peppermint ice cream, tacos, and anything purple. I get embarrassingly attached to fictional characters. And, in my head, I'm best friends with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. Come on over to my blog and say "Hey!"
Cassie from Momity
I'm a young married stay at home mom of two little boys, ages 1 and 3! I recently became a part time student as well. We are just laughing, loving and figuring it all out as we go. If the kids are alive and dinner isn't burnt, I consider the day a success!
Alyson from Vintage Sunshine
Hi! I'm Alyson. Mama to 2, wife to 1. My blog is all about our family life, diy projects, decorating our home, crafts, my favorite things and so much more!

Have a lovely day!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sponsor Chase All Your Dreams In November

It's that time of year again! If you'd like to sponsor my little blog, please email me at or visit the PR/Advertise page. We can swap ads or if you feel like paying, you can purchase an ad for $1. Whatever you choose, I'd love to sponsor you in November. 

Also, for those who I'm sponsoring this month, you'll hear from this weekend. 

Have a lovely day!
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