Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snail Mail

Received this is cute card in the mail yesterday. It's from Charley from England. We exchanged Christmas cards this year.

Received these three letters from my pen pals in the mail the other day. The first one is from Verena, the second letter is from Agape, and the third one is from Breanne, all from California. It was a California mail day.

And this is my box of letters that I've received and responded to. I'm running out of room in that box and may have to start on a second box.

I'll post my other letters (and cards) tomorrow and the rest of the week. I haven't taken pictures of them yet and there's a lot, so that may take a while to upload them all.

Want to be pen pals? Then email me and we'll talk.

Have a lovely day!

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