Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Year, A New Hairstyle

Alright, so next week I’ve decided to go get my hair cut. And I don’t just want a trim, I want something different, maybe a new hairstyle. So, I was thinking of get it styled and cut as Jenna McDougall (she’s the lead singer of Tonight Alive). I’m not sure if it’ll work though. The first photo, is the only photo I could find where I was wearing my hair down and that was decent. The other photos are just different lengths of her hair and angles, since I can’t find a good picture of her without her tilting her head or anything (and most of her band photos, she’s wearing a beanie).

So what do you think? Should I get it? Or should I just get layers? I can’t decide and I’m afraid if I get it, I’ll hate it. Plus, I like my hair up most of the time and I have feeling with this hairstyle, I’ll be wearing it down a lot (in the beginning). And to be honest, I hate bangs, so I don't know.

Any input would be great, thanks!

Have a lovely day!

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