Thursday, September 20, 2012

First & Last: Concerts

I'm linking up to Ashley, of House of Glass, First & Last series. Today is about my first & last concert.

My first concert was Ashlee Simpson at the Roosevelt Field Mall, but I really couldn't see her too well. And I don't really remember it. So my real first concert was Warped Tour 2008 when I was 17. I saw The Academy Is..., Every Avenue, and We The Kings. It was amazing and it was a great experience. Ever since than, I've been going every summer.

Every Avenue & I (They've changed so much; their music and style has changed for the better)

The Academy Is...

Ironically, the last concert I went to was Warped Tour 2012. I went with my friend and her friends and I had an amazing time. It was much better than last year's. I saw Tonight Alive, You Me At Six, Sleeping With Sirens, Yellowcard, Funeral Party, and Pierce The Veil. 

My profile picture is from Warped Tour. I'm with Jenna, the lead singer of Tonight Alive. They are the nicest people and I love their band. 

Tonight Alive

Funeral Party (I missed the first 2 two songs in their set; those 2 happen to be my favorite)

You Me At Six (Best crowd ever!)

Sleeping With Sirens (It was starting to get dark and I was really far away, but my friend and I enjoyed it; perfect ending to my night & day)

Pierce The Veil

That's it! 

Have a lovely night!


  1. These are great, looks like you had a great time!

  2. What great pictures! My concert pictures always turn out looking like crap. I went to the Warped Tour last year and it was a blast. This year I could have went but it was like a zillion degrees out that day so I passed.


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