Monday, December 31, 2012

Scarf Basics and More

The fashionable crowd wears a scarf with almost every outfit. A versatile collection of scarves includes a variety of colors, shapes and fabrics. There are inside wear and outside wear scarves.

Scarves With Benefits: 
While scarves are considered an accessory, not a wardrobe necessity, they add a great deal to an outfit. They have many purposes, some of which are:

  • Scarves enhance an outfit by adding color, texture and dimension.
  • They update an otherwise dated outfit with color. Popular and trendy scarf designs include overall florals, very popular animal prints and chic metallics.
  • The texture that a scarf adds to an outfit is unparalleled, whether it is a warm and bulky knit or a thin and silky adornment.
  • A fashionable scarf keeps any neck warm and cozy, regardless of the fabric.

Tying it Up

There are an unlimited number of ways to wear a scarf. Again, it depends upon the desired look. A scarf can be knotted, around neck or just at the scarf ends, looped, loosely draped, tied in a bow and more. There are innumerable websites offering illustrated instructions for different scarf tying techniques. Check the web for details for the perfect site that fits your needs.
The basics of how to wear a scarf begin with the shape of the scarf. There are squares of varying sizes and long, thin scarves of varying lengths. The shape and size of the scarf will dictate how it will be worn.

Fabric Choices

The popular fabric choices in scarves include fine silk, luxurious satin, cotton and warm, wool weaves and knits. Making the fabric choice for a scarf is personal but there are a few basic guidelines to help make the decision:
Silk: This fabric dresses up a day wear or evening outfit on the inside. The soft, flowing fabric also can enhance a solid color wool dress coat on the outside.
Satin: This thick, soft and luscious fabric is a dressy addition, a step up in weight from the thin silk option, to a suit for day or evening wear. Satin scarves are often dual tone with one color presenting on each side.
Cotton: This fabric especially works for summer wear. Yes, a scarf is a fashionable summer outfit accessory. Jersey is a popular form of stretchy cotton that allows a stable palette for sequin or studded embellishments on a scarf.
Linen: A linen scarf made of flax a fiber is another summer wear choice, but dressier than simple cotton, option.
Knits: Knit scarves can be a fine gauge thin knit, worn inside or out, or a bulky, warm outside knit. Knit scarves include such fibers as mohair, cashmere, wool and more. A knit scarf can be fabricated from these fine wools fibers:

  • Alpaca, which is warm, soft wool.
  • Cashmere, which is ultra soft and warm.


Pashmina is fine cashmere wool originating under the outer hair of Himalayan goats. The fibers are woven into a fine wool fabric, which is popularly used to make oversized pashmina scarves and shawls.
The term, pashmina, has quickly become a generic term that incorporates any woven, oversized scarf worn draped over the shoulders, around the waist or otherwise.

A Basic Scarf Statement

Not only does a scarf make a fashion statement, it also adds warmth, texture and dimension to any outfit. Long, short, tied, draped, floral, solid, lightweight or bulky, a scarf can do so much to finish an ensemble.
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