Thursday, January 3, 2013

Floral Art: How to Add Sophistication to Any Wedding

What’s your favorite color? Who cares! Not every wedding theme comes from color, so why does it seem that most floral arrangements do? Instead of creating floral pieces around your dress, you can choose to add intelligence, originality and interest to your flower choices. One way to do this is to look for inspiration in art.

Georgia O’Keeffe, Calla Lilies With Red Anemone

What better way to represent the beauty and wonder of womanhood than to carry a Georgia O’Keeffe-inspired bouquet down the aisle? For a simple piece, choose Calla Lilies with Red Anemone. Take two calla lilies and cut them to the same height. Place a shorter cut of a single red anemone under the flower of one of the lilies. Tie together with a faded lavender or teal ribbon. This arrangement works well for most kind of bouquet arrangements, including cascade (you’ll have to add more lilies), a nosegay or a sheaf.

According to “The Language of Flowers,” a publication by Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University, calla lilies represent beauty.

San Remy, Almond Branches in Bloom

Delicate, intricate; timeless—Almond Branches in Bloom, painted by San Remy¸ offers any wedding a touch of innocent elegance. While the branches might be too large for a bouquet, flowering almond branches can sit in vases around your wedding space. For a more dramatic look, border the head of the aisle with two flowering almond branches. Use oceanic blue details in your wedding space to accentuate the white-pink of the flowers. Because almonds are winter or early spring flowers, Almond Branches in Bloom provides inspiration for weddings at either of these times.

According to the Dictionary of Literary Symbols, by Michael Ferber, the almond tree is symbolic of “spring’s arrival.” It also is significant in commitment. If flower and tree symbolism is important to you, the almond is wonderfully suited to weddings.

Vincent Van Gogh, Poppy Flowers

While Almond Branches in Bloom and Calla Lilies with Red Anemone show flowers’ elegant side, Vincent van Gogh’s Poppy Flowers represents a more rustic and realistic take on florals. To use this arrangement, fill completely a large brown-glass vase with yellow poppies. At the bottom, add two red anemone or red poppies to add a pop of color. Use dark browns, oranges and reds for your major color theme. You can translate Poppy Flowers to a sheaf bouquet, or use a few poppies to create a nosegay.

According to “The Language of Flowers,” a publication by Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University, poppies represent the imagination (and of course, sleep, as most know from The Wizard of Oz.)

Whatever your choice of inspiration, creating a bouquet based on timeless art pieces adds intelligence and interest to your wedding.

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