Monday, August 12, 2013

Unveil The Beauty: 3 Eye Makeup Ideas for Girl with Glasses

The very word makeup will definitely give every girl a reason to rejoice. The makeup process in whatever form either face makeup or eye makeup makes a girl feel really delighted. If one is cautious and knows the art of make up properly, then it works wonder for them. Even the slightest makeup can make a girl look wonderful and fabulously stylish. In this regard, eye makeup is one such makeup art which should be done more cautiously as it will definitely enhance beauty prospects. Girls will glasses need not worry at all as here’s a list of ideas and eye makeup techniques which will definitely help them in times of need. With various fashionable glasses out in the market, the girls can definitely wear glasses and can do the desired makeup of their choice.


Cat eye makeup is one of the best eye makeups which will enhance the beauty of the eyes. There are several steps to do it. First and foremost thing which should be kept in mind is that one need to choose an eye shadow which should be light in colour. This will give a distinct appearance to the upper part of the eyelid than rest of the eye. With the help of an emphasize colour, the eyelid should be gently brushed. Application of the eyeliner is the next step which will make the eyelids look more prominent. Then the highlight colour is adjusted with the help of a pencil brush so as to make an even balance. Finally, mascara is applied to complete the entire makeup.

Glasses for cat eye makeup

Perfect eye wears for cat eye make ups is the cat eye glasses. These glasses will not only provide a lustrous look but will help the girls to flaunt their own fashion statement.


If aesthetically done, natural eye makeup can do tremendous improvement to a girl’s overall appearance with glasses. But there are certain procedures. One needs to wash the face and then apply eye shadow over the eyelid with utmost care selecting the right shade. With the help of a suitable brush, blending of the colour should be done. Then, application of proper eyeliner will enhance the natural look. Finally, the mascara will add the perfect tone.

Glasses for natural eye makeup

With nerd glasses, natural eye makeup will add more perfection to a girl’s face. The attitude will be perfect and it will even add a geeky look.


Doing Asian eye makeup is comparatively easier job. Here’s a quick lookout. Selection of lighter eye shadow should gain preference as that will definitely provide the base for makeup. Then blending of colours should be done with a smooth brush. Eyeliner should be used for the lash line. Finally, mascara should be applied.

Glasses for Asian eye makeup

Vintages glasses should be a perfect choice for these types of makeup. For the Asian face contour with eyes usually small, vintage glasses will make the face look bigger and brighter.

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