Sunday, October 27, 2013

How My Jose Won My Heart

I have a fiance as you guys already know. I won Jose's heart by being myself, cooking and baking for him (as they say, the way to guys heart is through his stomach), being funny, and lots more. So, how did he snag such a wonderful gal like me? 

  1. took the time to get to know me first.
  2. was a gentleman.
  3. took his time with me. Since this is my first relationship, he didn't want to scare me away and took his time with me until I was comfortable.
  4. made me comfortable with him.
  5. became my best friend instantly.
  6. was himself. 
  7. was funny.
  8. was understanding about the rough times I went through and didn't laugh it off like other guys.
  9. was caring, kind, nice, winderful, amazing, and sweet.
  10. never gets mad or annoyed at me.
  11. has the same things in common with me and the same dislikes.
  12. was (and still is) a handsome, good looking guy.
  13. takes me home, doesn't make me go home by myself at night, and is very protective of me.
I could go on forever about how he's won my heart. He may not be the the best cook or baker. He may not be an athelete, model, or hipster. Yes, he's still struggling figuring out what to do with his life, to get a steady job, to make more money, and so on. Yes, we argue and disagree, but I love him nonetheless and I'm so happy that I'm with him, took a chance, and that he won my heart.

xx Courtney 


  1. Aww this is sweet! You should let him take over your blog one day and post everything he loves about you or how you won his heart. Me and my hubby traded lists before we got married and I was actually really surprised by some of his answers. Things I never would have thought of...I really enjoyed it.


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