Thursday, December 5, 2013


This weeks themes:
Loving, Wishing, Moving, Riding, Needing

I'm currently loving the holiday season! I love Christmas! It's my favorite holiday next to Halloween. I'm also loving my fiance (of course!), the holiday spirit that's in the air, the Christmas decorations, the fact that my fist anniversary with Jose is coming up on January 1st, and all those baked goods. 

I'm currently wishing for more money, a new start somewhere, a job, my own apartment with Jose, and to live with my fiance. We're a step closer to getting our own apartment. We almost have enough money for it and by January we'll be searching for one. 

I'm currently moving nothing. Next year, I'll be moving out of my parents house hopefully and into my new apartment with Jose. 

I'm currently riding the buses and trains more than I used to. That's because I don't drive and I've been spoiled by public transportation in NYC. Plus, I've been going out more since I graduated college. 

I'm currently needing a job (as you ladies already know), a new wardrobe, new music, a new start somewhere; just new everything. 

xx Courtney 

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