Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I know I've been quiet lately. I try to update more but to no avail it never happens. I have all these great posts queued up but I either never post them or finish writing them. It's hard being a blogger at times! It's hard keeping up with this no matter how many times I say I'll post more. But nonetheless, let's see what I've been up to this past week. 

This weeks themes: 
battling, surfing, jumping, taking, making 

I'm currently battling laziness. Ever since I graduated college last May, I have no motivation for anything! I try to study for my certification program, I try to do my craft work, I try painting and doodling, I try blogging, etc. I try to keep up with so many things that I used to do when I was in school and I just can't do it. All I want to do is surf the web, watch TV, and sleep. Oh, and spend time with my boyfriend. I guess being in school kept me motivated to do other things. I hated school so when I got home I did things that were pleasurable to me. For some reason now, I have no motivation for those things. I'm trying to get make in the swing of things but it's really difficult. 

I'm currently surfing the web and channels a lot lately. Oh, and train surfing too. I've been taking more public transportation than I used to. 

I'm currently jumping nothing. 

I'm currently thinking about everything I want to do, in the present and future. I want get back in the swing of things, save money for my apartment, meditate more, tap into my spiritual side more (I consider myself spiritual, not Catholic anymore), stop being lazy, take more walks, paint more, do more crafting, writing, blogging, etc. I have a lot of time to think now since I've graduated. And I think way too much when I need to go to sleep and I'm in the shower. 

I'm currently making wreaths. I make handmade wreaths from pom poms. Again, I'm trying to do more craft work. 

xx Courtney 


  1. Finding motivation is tough - I can definitely sympathize. :)

  2. crafting is so fun! at least your laziness isn't being a complete waste;) you should post the pom pom wreaths! i'd love to see!


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