Friday, October 30, 2015

Currently This Month: October 2015

Reading... Lighthouse Bay by Kimberley Freeman (still; I haven't made it very far. Maybe I should pick a new book). 

Playing... with craft supplies. 
Watching... Blindspot and Limitless. Those are my new go to shows (even though I do need to catch up on both). 
Trying... to get a better job...still. I have a VERY part time job as a substitute teacher at my mom's school. But it's VERY part time and I only work if they need me. 
Cooking... on Thursdays almost every week. 
Eating... less these days. I want to lose weight, so I'm trying really hard to eat less. 
Drinking... water. Besides, OJ in the morning and an occasional smoothie from Panera, I only drink water. 
Calling... no one. 
Texting... my boyfriend. I don't text many people. 
Pinning... recipes. 
Tweeting... random things; freebies, giveaways, etc. 
Going...  nuts sitting home and having a cold. 
Loving... the mild autumn NY is getting and also loving that the holidays (specifically Christmas) are pretty much here. 
Hating... nothing right now
Discovering... that I might not want to become a preschool teacher (but it's still on the back burner). 
Thinking... that the management field might not be for me anymore. I'm back to the chef/culinary field again (I think). 
Feeling... like the year is going way too fast! How can it be Halloween and the holidays already? I feel like I just celebrated them. 
Hoping (for)... a job and hoping that I make up my damn mind about college! 
Listening (to)... Hello by Adele. I'm not a fan of her old music (so depressing) but Hello isn't bad. Still depressing, but not bad. 
Celebrated... my boyfriend's birthday on October 13. 
Smelling... nothing. Seriously, for the last week I couldn't smell due to my cold. 
Ordering... Christmas presents soon. 
Considering... nothing. 
Starting... a lot of crafts. I start a lot of projects but never finish them. Hoping I'll do that this season. 
Finishing... my event/wedding planning course that I started in January 2014. I'm slowly finishing it; it's incredibly boring and not my cup of tea anymore. Why did I start this course? 

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