Saturday, January 30, 2016

Currently: January 2016

Reading... The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane by Kelly Harms. It's so good and a great chick lit book. 
Playing... nothing. 
Watching... The Middle. I've been hooked on that show for a few weeks now. 
Trying... to make this a great year, save money, and spend less. 
Cooking... less. I hate how little cooking I've been doing. But I don't have much time anymore. It's my passion and it's bumming me out. 
Drinking... hot cocoa, now that it's chillier out. 
Calling... no one. 
Texting... my boyfriend. I don't text many people. 
Pinning... whatever catches my eye. Mainly crafts and Valentine's Day though. 
Tweeting... random things; freebies, giveaways, etc. 
Going...  nowhere. I went to school to sub for a few days earlier this month. 
Loving... my boyfriend like always :) 
Hating... how my followers on social media and on here are dropping like flies. :/ But it is what it is. 
Discovering... how to be more positive, happy, creative, and just be myself. 
Thinking... about changing my appearance a bit. Nothing drastic, just getting a new hairstyle and wardrobe. 
Feeling... tired.
Hoping (for)... a better 2016. 2015 has been rough. 
Listening (to)... nothing in particular. 
Celebrated... nothing in particular. 
Smelling... nothing. 
Ordering... nothing. 
Considering... getting my permit again. I never renewed it a few years ago, so I'm back to square one. 
Starting... nothing. 
Finishing... the Event and Wedding Planning course (still) and I'm determined to finish the tedious CDA Certification (a teaching assistant program). 


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