Monday, May 9, 2011

About A Girl

I decided I would tell you a few things about myself.
  1. I'm 19 and I’ll be turning 20 on July 2
  2. I live in NYC
  3. I’m in my second year of college (and I have to admit I hate the college life)
  4. I’m an only child
  5. I love music, especially rock/alternative
  6. The Academy Is…,There For Tomorrow, and Sleeping With Sirens are my favorite bands
  7. I love photography
  8. I want to travel more
  9. I love singing
  10. I love going to concerts
  11. I dream of being a lead singer of a band
  12. I’ll probably go to school for baking
  13. I want to be a baker and own a bakery
  14. I like to create lists (it keeps me organized)
  15. I love art. I like to paint, doodle, collage, etc. 
  16. My favorite stores are Hot Topic, Bath and Body Works, PacSun, AE, Urban Outfitters, Delias, H&M, Michaels, and B&N
  17. STAY REAL ►► That’s what I believe in.
  18. I live my life by quotes
  19. I love movies
  20. Some of my favorites are POTC trilogy, Bourne trilogy, Ice Age, Monster Inc., Despicable Me, UP, Legally Blonde, and lots more.
  21. My favorite TV shows are Burn Notice, White Collar, Wizards of Waverly Place, Phineas and Ferb
  22. I have a really good memory. Tell me something and most likely I’ll remember it.
  23. I love Panera Bread.
  24. I’m Italian, Polish, German, British, Irish, and Swedish
And that's pretty much it. Have a great day :)

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