Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ahhh....Good Old Fashion Email

Don't you just love email? I do, in some ways. (Even though, I do prefer good old fashion snail mail most days). Email. Let's think about it for a moment, shall we? It helps communicate with old friends or family we don't get to see everyday. It helps us communicate with total strangers and maybe do business with them (and in my case that's quite often, since I happen to run a music blog). So, email is good for the most part (true, email isn't always a good thing. I mean, snail mail is a dying art, people are loosing social skills, etc. But that's another topic for another day). And sometimes I love receiving them. Especially the ones that make me laugh or make me stare at my screen in shock or make me speechless (poor grammar, not introducing themselves, etc.).

Now, as I mentioned above, I run a music blog and I'm always getting emails from bands wanting us to check out their music and wanting to be featured on the blog and work with us. So this morning I go to my email (like I do every morning) and I see I have something in my inbox. Now, describing this email won't help. You'll have to see it and read it for yourself. Take a look below. The things in red are what I was making a face at. You should have seen it. You know when you see something horrifying? Yea, well that was my face.

Subject Line: Yo whats good

I was recently browsing through bandcamp and stumbled across your dubstep tunage, and was definitely feelin the tunes! The reason we are contacting you, is we are an up an coming Dubstep producing group and by the sound of your style, I think that you would be down for our forth coming EP, you can check it out at Once you check it let us know what you think


1. Yo whats good? Really? Who talks like that? I've heard that before, but really? That's how you start an email?

2. Yo? Seriously? Again, that's how you start an email? What happened to "Hey" or "Hi there" or "Hello" or "Hello I'm ____"

3. Bandcamp: Bandcamp is a site where musicians can sell their music and fans can buy it digitally. I run a blog, I'm not a musician. If this person did there research they would have known that. I don't even have an account on Bandcamp.

4. Dubstep tunage? Is tunage even a word? And I don't even listen to dubstep. I listen to rock/alternative/indie rock/pop rock.

5. Feelin' the tunes? What happened to tunage? Not a word anymore? And what tunes? Again, I don't listen to dubstep and I don't have an account on bandcamp. Nor have I ever created a dubstep song.

6. Sound of your style? What style?

7. Would I be "down" for your forthcoming EP? I think not.

8. Peace? That's how you end an email? What ever happened to "Take care" or "Regards" or "Talk to you soon" or just writing your name, which isn't even there.

My point is, learn to write an email. It's not that hard. I've gotten emails before where the person doesn't even introduce themselves, say hi, or they don't write their name at the bottom or anything. They just tell me to check out their band. I'm not doing that if you can't learn to write a decent email.

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