Monday, January 2, 2012

Your Dreams Must Be Bigger Than Your Fears

"Your dreams must be bigger than your fears" - Christian Climer

Christian Climer (aka my future husband), is the guitarist of my favorite band There For Tomorrow. The quote above, is tattooed on his left arm (our right; if you look close enough you can see it). This is quote is also under my blog name and you're probably wondering what it means to me. Let me explain.

I love it. It's something I keep in mind, something I keep close to my heart. One of the quotes I keep on my wall. One of the quotes that I use everywhere. A quote that I like to tell people because I think it helps and it helps me a lot. It serves as a huge inspiration to me and I remind myself of it when things get rough or when I get nervous/scared.

I once told someone this quote, someone I follow on Tumblr. She was going through a hard time and was looking for a quote to get her through it. I decided to message her this quite and a few minutes later she messaged me back saying that she loved it, it was a perfect quote, it's going to help her a lot, etc. I felt so good and I was glad I could help her in some way, even though I just gave her small little quote. And even though it's small, it's powerful.

So if I write you a letter or if I ever run into you or if we ever talk online, I will tell you this quote; so I hope you don't mind. Keep in mind and don't ever forget it. I guarantee it'll help you, like it helps me.

Have a lovely night!

PS. You may even see this quote in future posts.

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