Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just A Quick Little Update

1. This moustache plush is now up in the store, Midnight City Creations. If you'd like, I can make the plush in different colors, so just let me know.

2. I know I've been MIA recently, but school just started back up again last Monday, so I kind of been busy with that. Also, I haven't had anything to really post or talk about on here.

3. I've been making my own stamps (I'll make a post about that soon).

4. I've been trying my hand at cooking, so I'll be blogging about my experience soon.

5. I'm trying to stay off the internet more. So lately, I've been busy with crafting and writing letters and swapping goodies with other people. Ok, so I haven't been busy with letter writing, just crafting and swapping.

6. I've been on a roller coaster these past few months. I'm fine for a number of days, I'm thinking things are starting to turn around and look up for me, and then BAM! my negativity comes back and bites me and then it's down hill from there (I'll probably make a post about that soon).

7. I just got into Royal Pains a few weeks ago.Why I haven't watched this show before, is beyond me, but I love it! And I look forward to Wednesday nights.

And that's basically it and all I can think of at the moment. I'll probably think of something else to add to this list later tonight, but for now that's all.

Have a lovely day!

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