Monday, September 2, 2013

3 Random, Affordable Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong To Give Your Boyfriend/Husband

If you’re the kind of character who loves giving and is on the impatient side, having to wait for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the other half’s birthday to splash out on expensive gifts without having to deal with the potential guilt trip from the other side can be an unbearable pain in the bum. It’s not about keeping score of who gives whom what, but we can’t deny feeling a little bit imbalanced when we get a lovely, possibly expensive gift for no particular reason.

But even if you’re on the generous, get-a-kick-out-of-giving-the-person-you-love-what-they-deserve-and-then-some, when you feel the urge to give because it’s your way of showing you love, you sometimes still have to reign yourself in. You don’t want your other half to feel obliged to get you something in return.

So it’s got to be the little things that you can sneakily give and feel good about without risking any emotional drama (and no, I won’t suggest any sexual favours, you can think of those all on your own hah!)

Lego Bits and Pieces

Boys will be boys. Always. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. So why not explore that, help them be a little boy again, by getting them some simple Lego (forget those complicated things that Lego is churning out one after another, that don’t leave any room for creativity but only serves one purpose and functionality of building one thing and one thing alone). Get a big kit of a multitude of Lego pieces in all sizes, shapes and colours and a couple of Lego figurines. There’s yet to be a man whose eyes don’t light up with childlike excitement and fantastic childhood memories when they see a Lego kit – especially when it’s from their other half!

Man Flowers

Nope, ‘man flowers’ is not a euphemism – but it does involve a bit of DIY. Just get a bunch of good cigars (unless he hates them or doesn’t smoke them of course), some small whiskey (or other alcoholic drinks) bottles, attach them to some stiff, strong sticks and put them all into a beer jug filled with sweets to keep the sticks safely secured!


This probably sounds like a cheap escape; a quick solution to your problem of wanting to give and it might not feel as loving or considerate as the Lego idea or the idea of man flowers. But it really isn’t.

Most men have to deal with irritated, sore skin after wet shaving almost on a daily or at least weekly basis. If their skin isn’t already sensitive, it certainly will be after a shave. If your husband or boyfriend suffers from sensitive, maybe even acne-prone skin, this regular shaving gets even peskier and more painful.

So while getting an aftershave might be considered a quick fix, getting an Armani aftershave or something a bit more luxurious probably won’t go unnoticed, and if your partner says you’re spending too much money on them or you’re spoiling them too much, then you got every reason to argue that you just want to make their daily shaving ritual better and more fun!



  1. The Man Flowers are so cute. That is a really unique gift. I will have to remember this for my husbands birthday next month.
    I saw your link on the Meet and Greet Blog Hop

  2. I love the Man Flowers idea! Definitely adding that to the gift list.

    I saw your link on the Meet and Greet Blog hop too


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