Thursday, September 19, 2013


Today, I'm linking up for Currently with Randalin at Harvesting Kale.  

You can use themes below or use your own - just tell us what's 'currently' going on in your life! This week's themes are: changing, remembering, needing, cleaning, feeling. 

My relationship currently changed from in a relationship to engaged yesterday. My boyfriend (now fiance) of 8 months proposed to me at the beach on Wednesday. The seasons are also changing now. We're going from summer to autumn soon. I love both seasons and I'm starting to love autumn a bit more. But right now, we're in that awkward time of year where you need a little jacket in the morning and at night, but during the day, with the sun out and all, you don't need anything. You're constantly putting something on and then taking it off and then putting it back on later. It's quite annoying.

I'm currently remembering my time at college. just graduated this past May with an Associates in Liberal Arts. Today, I finally picked up my degree and now I'm officially a college graduate!

I currently NEED a job! I need extra money so I can get my life started. I need new clothes. I need to shop for birthday presents and Christmas presents. I need new accessories, new music, and so much more. But first, I need a job. And I'm having the hardest time finding one and getting one.

I'm currently working on cleaning my room. As someone who doesn't like to clean, this will be a never ending process.

I'm currently feeling happy and nice autumn breeze right now. The sun's out, low humidity, beautiful breeze, and it's in the low 70's this week. Can it get any better than this? And can it just stay like this all year around? Please?

xx Courtney

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