Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Social: Fall Edition

Autumn is my favorite season, right next to summer. So, today, I'm linking up for Sunday Social with Neely of A Complete Waste of Makeup

What is your favorite fall activity? I love pumpkin picking, long walks in parks upstate NY with the trees changing colors, baking, decorating for the fall and Halloween, and so much more. 

Do you follow a football team? If so, which one and why? No. I hate football; it makes no sense to me. Don't get me started on a rant about it. But my fiance loves football, the Colts to be exact. 

What is something fun about fall in your area? Well, I live in NYC, so not much goes on here in the fall. The leaves change color, but there aren't any festivals or any other fall fun activity going on. If I want to experience fall, I need to go upstate NY or to Long Island, NY. 

What are your favorite fall staple outfits? I love scarves, cardigans, boots (with a small heel), sweaters, 

What things are his looking forward to most about this coming fall season? Pumpkin picking, thanksgiving with my fiance, Halloween (my favorite holiday), all the delicious food, decorating, the scents, the colors, the crisp air, the clothing, etc.

 What is your favorite fall holiday? Tradition? I love pumpkin picking every year, as well as baking and Halloween. 
xx Courtney

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