Tuesday, October 1, 2013

6 Things About Me

What's your favorite meal?
Pizza and pasta. 

Who do you wish you could have dinner with?
A celebrity of some sort, like Pink. I love her and she's an awesome, amazing woman. 

If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?
Somewhere tropical and to Europe. I'd also love to go to England and Ireland/ 

What's one of your quirks?
I'm sure I have one or two quirks, but I can't think of any. I'll get back to you guys on that. 

Other than blogging, what do you enjoy?
Baking, crafting, writing, letter writing, singing, shopping, 

This one's a freebie - you can talk about anything you think your readers may find interesting about you.
In the fall, I love collecting acorns and stepping on them for the squirrels. I guess you can say that's a quirk! 

xx Courtney


  1. I want to go to Europe so bad! Number one on my list is Australia though. I've been wanting to go there forever. If you like letter writing, I'm collecting postcards for a project for my travel themed room! If you would like to help by sending me a postcard from your hometown, it would help a lot! Email me if you're willing! tiffanykwhite@gmail.com

  2. I think my fav food is pizza and pasta also! So yummy!!
    Doing a giveaway, would love for you to check it out!

  3. Cute post! The bit about the acorns made me smile. Very sweet and thoughtful of you. :) It's my first time here and I'm liking your blog. Plus we share the same name so I'm kinda partial. :) Happy Wednesday girl!!!


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