Monday, October 14, 2013

9 things I Can’t Handle

  • If a restaurant table or chair is dirty, I can't sit there.
  • I can't sit at the end of the booth at a restaurant, I need an aisle seat.
  • I hate those strobe lights they have at concerts (you know the ones that flash really quickly).
  • I hate going to diners. I will not eat at one.
  • The humidity and the heat. New York gets very humid in the summer and I don't do well in it.
  • Huge crowds. You know when you're at a concert and the crowd around you starts getting bigger and bigger and you look behind you to see a sea of people? And then you're crammed next to people and you can't move? Yea, that I can't handle. I will literally, push my way out and stand on the side or in the back where there's more room. I get claustrophobic a little bit and I'm only 5'2. 
  • Arguments. I used to be very argumentative when i was younger but ever since a few years ago I can't stand it anymore. 
  • Driving. I don't drive because I can't handle it. When I do drive, which is extremely rare, I have road rage and I panic when driving. I'm like Spongebob when I drive. 
What are some things you can't handle?

xx Courtney 


  1. haha this is a good post!

    I can't handle stress, if i have it! i try to avoid the things that makes me stressy, but that even makes me more stressy at the end! :)

  2. Haha I know a lot of people that have that issue while driving :) I truly hate when people walk through my house with their shoes on. I find it incredibly rude.


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