Friday, October 25, 2013



I got my haircut today. Finally! As you can see above, in the before photo my hair was much longer. That was taken last summer. Now, it's much shorter. Don't be fooled by the curls. My hair is acually straight, but after I get it wet and put it up, it gets curly/wavy. I wish the curls would stay permanently though!

I got the flu shot today :(  I hate shots, ugh!

Jose worked all day. He's been at work since 11 a.m and he won't be off duty until 11 p.m. I've missed him all day! We don't live together yet, so it's been tough for me today. 

Did some online shopping, read through all the blogs I follow, entered giveaway after giveaway, looked through potential baking recipes, and that's about it! 

I bought this lovely necklace online today.

I also bought this lovely knit scarf in Oatmeal (the last one on the right) online as well. 

It's gotten considerably chilly here in NYC. It was warm and mild like 2 weeks ago and then BAM! mother nature hits us with 50 and 40 degree weather. Not cool mother nature! Not cool! So with that, I begrudingly pulled my Uggs out. I hate them! They're not warm nor comfortable. I feel like I'm wearing moon boots. *sigh* 

Today was boring, but well deserved. It was nice to just stay home and relax and read everyone's blog this morning, which I never have much time to do. It was really nice to get my haircut today. That was well deserved. 

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Have a lovely weekend!

xx Courtney 


  1. Hi there! Found your blog on the Friday blog hop and im SOOOO glad I did. I LOVE FINDING BLOGGERS THAT LIVE IN NYC TOO <3

    Your hair looks amazing. Whoever cut your hair really knows what they're doing.

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

    1. Thank you! I've been going to my hair dresser for years. She's the best and really does knows what she's doing.

  2. It got cold in MD too. I had to pull out our winter coats and scarves. While I love winter, I am missing summer already! :)

    1. I know! Me too! I love the autumn, it's my second favorite season, but summer is my all time favorite :)

  3. It's my favorite Season, but i miss the autumn spirit because i'm sick :(

    Photo Challenge @The Mind of an exchange

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  5. Your blog is so cute! I love that you're chasing your dreams! Cute haircut!


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