Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jose & I

Some of you may or may not know the story of how my boyfriend, Jose, and I met. We started talking online on OkCupid. Yes, I conquered online dating. It sucked for the most part. I tried Match, Eharmony, Zoosk (it sucked, worst site ever), Christian Mingle (apparently you need to be really Christian/religious  for that site), and OkCupid. But that's not the point of this post. I'll talk about those another day. Anyway, he messaged me first on OkCupid and we continued doing that for a few days to a week. Then we exchanged numbers, texted and talked on the phone, and did the whole getting to know you routine. He was really interested in me. He liked me a lot! 

We decided to meet up at my local park on January 1st. Since my parents had to come along to meet him as well (they're very cautious people), he shook my hand when we first met. Now as I think about it, I understand. He's meeting me for the first time and we're not even dating yet and he has to meet my parents right away. Anyway, after talking for awhile and walking around, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was so happy and of course I said yes! I remember walking around with him and I forget what he said, but I remember thinking, "Well, there goes my chances of dating him". But of course that never happened.

January was rough for the both of us. He was still doubting things between us and that's when I had to set him straight and that's when we had our first argument. I was sick that day, so over the phone I yelled at him telling him to stop doubting things and if he continued no girl, not even I, will want to be with you. After that, he never did it again. From February to September things were smooth and rocky. Things were iffy at times too, we both weren't sure if we'd last this long. Right now, things are smooth. We're communicating more, we're apartment searching, furniture shopping (well, browsing), and we're both trying to get better jobs.

We've done and seen so much right now. He's taught me the trains and subway system of NYC, I've been cooking more and more, we've been to Coney Island, I never liked the beach, but I went many times this year and I loved it, we've tried new restaurants, and so much more. We've experienced so much as a couple. 

Right now, like I said, we're apartment searching and it's so stressful, for me anyway. I want one thing, he wants another, and so on. It's not easy to compromise! And we're also window shopping for furniture, getting some ideas as to what we like, and to see the prices. Again, it's not easy to compromise! He wants one thing, I want another, etc. He wants this type of kitchen table, I want a round table; he wants a marble coffee table, and I want wood. We can't seem to agree but we'll get there. 

This is how our conversation goes:

"I want marble"
Me: "I want wood"
"But I like marble. I like the way it looks and it's easy to clean".
Me: "But how are you going to move it and clean around it?
"Alright, we'll get wood".

In the back of his mind, he's still thinking about the marble and praying I budge on it. 

It's scary! I've never moved in my life, unlike him. I'm an only child, my parents have always been around for me, unlike his parents, who aren't married and haven't been around for him as much. We never bought furniture or an apartment in our life. It's a big step and honestly, I'm scared to move out, be on my own, shop for all this stuff, and do the rest of it. 

That's our story! We have a long journey ahead of us and our life together is just starting. 

xx Courtney  


  1. I love reading people's love stories!!! :-) Why are you two waiting so long to get married?

    1. Because we don't have enough money for it and my parents don't either right now. I have a big family, so I have to invite a lot of people. Since, I'm an only child, I'd like a big wedding.

  2. Met the love of my life on Okcupid too! We're married now :)

    1. Awww! Congrats! My friend met her boyfriend on OkCupid too! What a small is :)


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