Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just a few days away you may not be ready in the costume department. I know I'm not! I'm currently scrambling to find a simple/DIY/low cost costume. Party City's prices can be crazy. $40-50 for one costume that I'll be wearing for one night? No way Jose! (Pun intented and if you understand the pun, kudos to you. If not, my boyfriend's name is Jose). You can make a costume yourself using supplies at home or buying inexpensive supplies or you can go thrifting for your costume. But whatever you do, just be creative with it!

Here are some ideas for last minute costumes for you, your kids, and you know for those who procrastinate and wait till the week of to find one. Like me!

My fiance and I may go as this this year.

This is too cute! I love the sign!

I actually saw someone dressed up as this a number of years ago. She was walking down my block and her costume will always be stuck in my mind. It's very creative and I love it. 

You know from the early 2000's cartoon, Doug? 

Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory

Now this is creative!

How adorable is this?

How adorable is this?

Raggedy Anne was my favorite doll as a kid. I loved her and had a new one every year! I wish I had a daughter now so I could dress her up like this. 

Hope you enjoyed this creative costume ideas and you got some ideas for this year's (or next year's) Halloween!

xx Courtney
Happy Halloween!


  1. Love these! So many cute ones. I really like the candy corn and minions!

  2. These are all great! The American Idol contestant would be such a good idea for me, because I'm a HORRIBLE singer. :)


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