Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sponsor Chase All Your Dreams In November

So, you want to sponsor my blog, eh? Great! No problem! There are two ways to go about this. You can either pay a small fee of $1 or we can swap ads. Your ad needs to be 150x150 and will run for 30 days. Each ad starts on the 1st of the month. If you're interested in sponsoring me, go here


-241 followers via GFC and increasing everyday. 
-Bloglovin: 65 followers
-Twitter: 582 followers
-Pinterest: 401 followers
-Facebook: 1,821 followers
-As of October 2013: 3,124 pageviews. 
-23,109 views in total. 
-Klout score of 54.
-Alexa rank of 2,563,430.
-Google page rank of 2. 

xx Courtney 

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