Friday, November 22, 2013


This weeks themes:
missing, reading, drinking, eating, planning

I'm currently missing my fiance (like always) and my debit card. I had to cancel it last year because I was going a little crazy with it. 

I'm currently reading new blog and all the posts on my dashboard this morning. I used to read books, but blogs have replaced that. 

I'm currently drinking nothing. I did have water this morning though. 

I'm currently eating some caramels. I shouldn't be though. I need them for when I bake cookies tomorrow.

I'm currently planning on my wedding (like usual) and baking cookies. 

xx Courtney  


  1. Cool, i did almost the same on my blog! the missing part is really nice, hope you get to see him soon. No more books? Oh! but blogs are fun too! good luck with your wedding!

  2. Oh man, I feel ya on the blog reading. I used to read TONS of books but I find myself reading less and less... I never put those 2 together. :)

  3. I'm reading WAY too many blogs lately, it's just so much easier than committing to a book since I rarely put one down after starting it. Good luck with your wedding!

  4. I agree I used to read a lot of books but they have mostly been replaced by blogs.

    I wanted to also let you know that my blog url has changed to since we swapped buttons I was wondering if you could re-grab my blog button please at the url abov.

  5. I read a ton of blogs and I'm happy to enjoy yours!! Have you tried red velvet caramels? The are so yummy. They sell them at Walgreens!


    Visit my blog to see to see today's Sweet Saturday treat!

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