Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Social

What are your favorite Holiday Movies/TV Specials? I love The Peanuts Christmas, The Holiday, and all the old Christmas shows. 

Do you do any volunteering during the holidays if so what? Nope.

What is your favorite toy received as a child for the holidays? I would always get a Raggedy Anne doll. I loved that doll. I would get one every Christmas because I put that thing through hell. I would carry it everywhere with me, hold it when I would suck my thumb, chew on the dress, etc. 

What was your must have item in high school for the holidays? I don't really know. I didn't really follow trends. 

What do you do on Christmas Eve? My parents and I (and now my fiance) go to my grandfather's. My aunt and uncle and cousins come over and we have dinner and open presents at night. 

xx Courtney


  1. I would love to do a voluntary job during the holidays but i never did before :)
    Have a good time!

  2. I absolutely love the peanuts christmas specials. <3

  3. I am so with you on the Peanut's specials. That always takes me back to my childhood <3 such memories. I hope you had a great weekend babes!


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