Friday, August 23, 2013

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Lauren Vidal Clothing

When you choose the right designs to wear, you want to always select the best. This is where Lauren Vidal Clothing comes into play. With the unique styles and designs that are all created to match today’s rising trends, you will never be out of the loop once you purchase her latest designs.
There are many different styles and types of designs that will fit any one’s interest. With a reasonable cost that can be easily managed by anyone who wishes to try out a design. Not everyone can capture the essence of womanhood, but Lauren Vidal clothing are perfectly accentuated clothing that should be worn by real women.
There are many other designers who have all created clothing that have gotten the interest of the public. However, only Lauren Vidal can effectively grasp and hold the attention of any and every woman.
With her unique designs that sit upon every curve of a woman’s body, Lauren Vidal Clothing gives the natural and appealing look that every woman wishes to have when they get dressed. Once one outfit is worn, it leaves women wanting more styles and designs to try out, no matter what occasion they might have or the time of day they want to wear it.
Oftentimes it’s hard to find a design that’s trendy, but with Lauren Vidal clothing you can be assured that the styles and designs are all trendy. When you shop for clothing you want to make sure that you are getting quality for your money. Purchasing clothing that not only looks great but is most cost effective and can serve you a lifetime after your purchase.
With Lauren Vidal clothing you can never go wrong once you have purchased it. You will be wearing the best and latest fashion trends, while standing out in the crowd because of the uniqueness of each chosen piece of clothing.
Accessorize how you see fit or don’t, and you will still have an astounding look of style. Not every designer can live up to their name and designs, but with Lauren Vidal there is no doubt that this designer will continue to produce the latest trendy designs.
These are seen in the everyday environment and world of trend and style. You can never go wrong with one of her designs, as these designs are not only in your area, community, or country, but also worldwide. When in doubt, you can choose to buy Lauren Vidal clothing. These designs were genuinely made with you in mind.

Visit Sunday Best for more information.

Written for by Noah Cousins.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School: Where to find cheap supplies

School supplies can be costly, especially if you wait until the last minute to fulfill the necessary back-to-school supply list. Many times, teachers will send home the school supply list at the end of the previous school year so you can purchase them early. If you had a chance to stock up the previous year, go through your school supply bin and start checking items off of your list. If you are starting from scratch, stick to your list and start perusing the weekly store ads for deals.
Use coupons found on Facebook, from store websites, phone apps and in the newspapers to help lower the cost of supplies, sometimes even making them free!
Many brands and companies will offer coupons or free samples around the back-to-school time on their Facebook pages. You should head over to Facebook and start searching for brand names that specialize in school supplies, such as Bic, Crayola, and Mead to name a few, and like their pages to see if they have any special offers available.
Stores also have great deals in the months leading up to school. Staples, Target, Office Max, and Wal-mart all have great school supply deals.


There are few ways to save at Staples:
  1. Sign up for their free Staples Rewards program.
  2. Purchase a Back-to-School savings pass.
  3. Sign up to receive their store e-mails for coupon offers.
The Staples Rewards program is free to sign up, and you will receive a card to scan each time you make a purchase. You will receive 5% off of your purchases, plus free shipping at when you use your Staples Rewards card.
Staples offers a Back to School savings pass, it costs $10 and when you purchase the pass you will save 15% on school supplies all season long. You can use the pass once per day through a specified date, usually in mid-September.
Staples also have services where you can sign up to receive an e-mail with the current coupons, deals and events.
Staples also offers an easy rebate program, there are times when the weekly ad will show an item you can receive for free after the easy rebate. The rebate program is user friendly and you can either choose to be paid by paper check or via PayPal.
Staples also has printable coupons on their website and you can find deals on Twitter using hashtag #StaplesHasIt and also keep an eye out for their penny deals! Many times they have school supplies for $.01 with a $5 minimum purchase, so definitely check out their weekly ads for those great deals.


Target also offers a few ways to save on school supplies:
  1.  Print coupons from to use in store on supplies.
  2. Register for a free Target REDcard and you will receive coupons in the mail as well as 5% off of purchases.
  3. If you have a smartphone, download the Target Cartwheel app to save even more.
  4. Text for mobile coupons!
Target has a coupons section on their website, it works best with Firefox web browser, and you can select coupons to print from your computer. Target coupons can be used in conjunction with a manufacturer coupon for even more savings. Click on the “back to school” tab on the coupon page and you can print school related coupons that are available.
Target REDcard is considered a debit card and is linked to your checking account. Every time you use your REDcard you will save an additional 5% off of your total purchase. This is on top of all of the mobile and paper coupons.
Target has a new smartphone app, called Cartwheel, and you add offers to your cartwheel so you can show the cashier at checkout and receive a discount. The discount is on top of Target coupons and manufacturer coupons you have!
If you have a cell phone, Target also offers mobile coupons via text. Text COUPONS to 827438 (TARGET) to receive mobile coupon offers. Standard texting rates do apply.
Combine the printable Target coupons, with Cartwheel discounts, manufacturer’s coupons and using the Target REDcard to save 5% and you can get school supplies really cheap, if not free!

Office Max

Office Max offers a newsletter that has discounts and coupons sent to your inbox. MaxPerks is the free account card through OfficeMax where you earn 5% cash back as well as receive exclusive coupons and deals to use in store and online. MaxPerks also offers weekly deals where you may be able to earn items for free by receiving the amount via MaxPerk rewards.
If you are using the MaxPerks card to receive exclusive deals and offers, as well as 5% cash back in rewards, purchasing school supplies may be really cheap.


Wal-Mart has an extensive back to school area as well and they also offer great deals online. Sign up for Wal-mart e-mails to receive discounts, free sample alerts and more! With Wal-Mart’s low prices and manufacturer’s coupons, school supplies can be really cheap, if not free, at times.
Wal-mart also has a credit card and the current promotion is to receive $20 when you open a credit card and spend $100. School supplies + school clothes and accessories could add up to $100, and if so, opening a Wal-mart credit card may be worth the extra savings.
School supply shopping starts with a list, get the list early and pick up items as they may be at their rock bottom price. That way you avoid paying full price in the end, and, if you utilize the great reward cards, coupons, and apps, you will save money and potentially stock up for the following year!

Nikki Muroski is a mommy of three, a wife and a blogger for her site, Nickel-and-Diming with Nikki. She is also a regular contributor to the CareOne Debt Relief Services blog, a community that provides debt consolidation and money-saving advice.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

6 All Natural Skin Care Tips

Facial mask
While just about every second chemically-based product is promising people the world in terms of what they can accomplish, many people prefer not to take any chances when it comes to the health of their skin and so they’re opting for all-natural alternatives. Most don’t realize it, but natural products are often much more effective at getting results, whether it involves moisturizing the skin or washing hair and they don’t come with the added disadvantages that are so commonly associated with harsh chemicals.

1. If you Can’t Eat It, Don’t Apply it to Your Skin

One of the best ways to determine whether you should use a beauty product or not is to decide whether you can eat it; if not, you could end up applying often dangerous chemicals to your body which are immediately soaked up and sent directly into the blood stream.
Maria Hannaford, an employee of an environmental organization in Melbourne states that there are a few other options available to people looking to care for their skin and they can actually replace all of the products that they ordinarily use with all natural products. According to Hannaford, everything from body creams to deep cleansers can be swopped out with one or even two plant oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil. (Read More)

2. Consider Using Honey as a Face Mask

Honey has long been known for its anti-bacterial properties, including its healing abilities (Read More), but many people aren’t aware of just how effective it is as a face mask. Honey doesn’t only moisturize the skin, but it also contributes to the elimination of wrinkles, gives the skin a healthy glow and aids in alleviating acne. Since honey can be applied and removed quickly and easily, it makes for one of the more popular facial treatments available to avid fans of everything natural.

3. Try Tea as a Skin Toner

Tea makes for a great skin toner and the best thing about this is that individuals can use just about any herb from their backyard to make it. Opting for a lemongrass toner, for instance, is great for areas that are prone to acne, while chamomile is great for soothing very sensitive parts of the skin. Red bush toners have made quite a splash in the world of facial toners and cleansers and so this particular leaf makes for a great toner once it has been steeped as a tea for long enough.

4. Eat Your Way to Great Looking Skin

Healthy, moisturized skin starts on the inside, so people should ensure that they are eating correctly if they want to look great on the outside. Healthy fats are imperative for a person’s skin and hair, which means that foods such as avocados, grass-fed butter, olive oil and coconut oil should all be consumed, although in moderation of course.

5. Use Certain Essential Oils To Fight Blemishes

Whenever a spot pops up, however infrequent this may be, people tend to shy away from company because of the shame associated with these blemishes but this doesn’t have to be the case when they are treated quickly and with the right products. While it might be tempting to combat these spots immediately with as many chemicals as possible, this might actually make the problem worse, so reach out for essential oils such as lavender instead. By adding a few drops of the oil directly to the skin, this not only dries out the spot, but it will also sooth the area and take away from the redness.

6. Build Your Knowledge of Natural Products

The more you test specific natural skin care solutions, you will have a better idea of what works for you and your skin. You may find that one solution will provide the best results. You should take their time in getting to know the various uses for specific natural solutions. Alternatively, you can get premade natural skin care products from a reputable supplier. (View Products) Either way, you still need to discover what works best for you as everyone's skin is different.

Jennifer Quartzon uses her own natural skin remedies at home and enjoys sharing her findings with others.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Unveil The Beauty: 3 Eye Makeup Ideas for Girl with Glasses

The very word makeup will definitely give every girl a reason to rejoice. The makeup process in whatever form either face makeup or eye makeup makes a girl feel really delighted. If one is cautious and knows the art of make up properly, then it works wonder for them. Even the slightest makeup can make a girl look wonderful and fabulously stylish. In this regard, eye makeup is one such makeup art which should be done more cautiously as it will definitely enhance beauty prospects. Girls will glasses need not worry at all as here’s a list of ideas and eye makeup techniques which will definitely help them in times of need. With various fashionable glasses out in the market, the girls can definitely wear glasses and can do the desired makeup of their choice.


Cat eye makeup is one of the best eye makeups which will enhance the beauty of the eyes. There are several steps to do it. First and foremost thing which should be kept in mind is that one need to choose an eye shadow which should be light in colour. This will give a distinct appearance to the upper part of the eyelid than rest of the eye. With the help of an emphasize colour, the eyelid should be gently brushed. Application of the eyeliner is the next step which will make the eyelids look more prominent. Then the highlight colour is adjusted with the help of a pencil brush so as to make an even balance. Finally, mascara is applied to complete the entire makeup.

Glasses for cat eye makeup

Perfect eye wears for cat eye make ups is the cat eye glasses. These glasses will not only provide a lustrous look but will help the girls to flaunt their own fashion statement.


If aesthetically done, natural eye makeup can do tremendous improvement to a girl’s overall appearance with glasses. But there are certain procedures. One needs to wash the face and then apply eye shadow over the eyelid with utmost care selecting the right shade. With the help of a suitable brush, blending of the colour should be done. Then, application of proper eyeliner will enhance the natural look. Finally, the mascara will add the perfect tone.

Glasses for natural eye makeup

With nerd glasses, natural eye makeup will add more perfection to a girl’s face. The attitude will be perfect and it will even add a geeky look.


Doing Asian eye makeup is comparatively easier job. Here’s a quick lookout. Selection of lighter eye shadow should gain preference as that will definitely provide the base for makeup. Then blending of colours should be done with a smooth brush. Eyeliner should be used for the lash line. Finally, mascara should be applied.

Glasses for Asian eye makeup

Vintages glasses should be a perfect choice for these types of makeup. For the Asian face contour with eyes usually small, vintage glasses will make the face look bigger and brighter.

Ozeal Glasses, the London-based online prescription glasses shop, will always be working on bringing your the best and cheap prescription glasses.
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