Friday, February 14, 2014

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas: Gifts & Romance

Did Valentine's Day sneak up on you and you forgot to get a gift or plan something? Don't worry, I'm going to share last minute ideas with you, that your significant other will think you spent a whole month planning. 

1. Flowers & Chocolates
Head to your local florist and purchase some chocolates. It's a classic gift and what girl doesn't like chocolate? Plus, it's the thought that counts.

2. Head to the mall and buy her favorite item.
Whatever they had their eye, even if they dropped hints or told you straight up, buy it. Surprise them!

3. While you're at the mall, buy her jewelry. 
Head to the jewelry store and buy her a bracelet or necklace. Yes, you may have done that last year, but it's a classic gift and it's the thought that counts. 

4. Create a picnic.
It doesn't take a lot to plan one. Buy or cook/bake their favorite meal/dessert, buy some wine, pack it in a basket with a tablecloth, and go somewhere romantic. You can do it during the day in the park under a tree or at night under the stars. Or you can even go to the beach (if it's warm enough) and have it there. If it's cold out, set up the picnic inside your home. 

5. Take them out to eat. 
Don't do a chain restaurant, take them to their favorite place or somewhere new. 

6. Get a hotel room for a night.
Get there early, lay rose petals, a bottle of wine, and enjoy your day with her. Create a bubble bath for the two of you, cuddle in bed, order room service, watch TV or movies together, and just relax. If you have kids, this will be a great escape from them. You can leave with a babysitter or the grandparents. If you can't afford a hotel room, you can still do this at home. Just leave the kids with someone else. 

Whatever you do with your significant other or whatever you buy them, do it with love. They're bound to love it.

xx Happy Valentine's Day 


  1. I love the create a picnic idea!
    Great advice, thanks for sharing. c:


  2. sounds like great ideas. can't wait to actually spend vday with my hunny one day.

  3. Love these ideas, hope your Valentines was amazing.


    Danielle Faith @


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