Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Social

1. Favorite breakfast food: I love chocolate chip pancakes with real maple syrup, not that Aunt Jemima stuff. 
2. Best way to spend a free day: Watch TV, do some shopping, maybe bake something, sleep late, and surf the web. 
3. Airline ticket to anywhere in the world….where would you go and why? Can I get a bunch of tickets so I can travel the world? No? Then I'd go to England and Ireland. My dad's family is from England and I have cousins there. My dad's family is also from Ireland and I've always loved it. 
4. You can only leave the house with one thing…what is it? Oooo, I love my coupons but I need my phone more. But I need my wallet with money so I can eat and take the bus. Hm....I need my phone more. 
5. How do you take your coffee? I don't drink coffee. I hate it, bleck. 
xx Courtney 


  1. England and Ireland would be a lot of fun. I hope to make it there some day.


  2. chocolate chip pancakes sound oh so good right now. esp on this cool day.

    What's a true friend to you? Come by and let me know.

  3. I LOVE the Aunt Jemima syrup! I actually prefer it to real syrup...but, chocolate chip pancakes are great either way!

    Stopping by from Sunday Social.

  4. I love real maple syrup too! It's the only way to go! And London is my favorite city in the world!

  5. Hi! Just came across your blog! Added your button to my blog -

  6. Hopped over from Sunday Social.
    I think I need chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow!

  7. I love your Blog
    Would you like us to follow each other ?
    if yes, just follow me and let me know so i can follow you back

  8. I adore you blog very much & I would love it if you checked out my blog :D

  9. I don't think I've ever had real maple syrup! That's such a shame now that I'm typing that. I'm going to London for a few days this summer, and I can't wait! I think if I could go anywhere, it would definitely be Australia! That's number one on my list of places to travel to.

  10. real maple syrup is the way to go! And I take my coffee either black or with just a splash of cream. I'm a bit of a coffee snob :)


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