Sunday, April 13, 2014


This weeks themes:
dropping, making, wearing, kissing, keeping

I;m currently dropping my phone this week. I dropped it yesterday at the park, I'v dropped it at the mall, I've dropped in my bathroom, etc. I've dropped it so many times, I have a small crack on the screen. I've never dropped a phone so many times.

I'm currently making an Easter/spring wreath with plastic Easter eggs. A DIY post about how I make my wreaths is coming soon. 

I'm currently wearing a new pair of jeans today! I'm going out for an early Easter dinner with my boyfriend and dad's family. 

I'm currently kissing my boyfriend of course! I love kissing him :)

I'm currently keeping a journal of all my thoughts and lists. I've always kept a journal, but never succeeded. Now, I'm trying to write in it everyday. I bring it with me everywhere. You never know when inspiration will hit. 

xx Courtney

1 comment:

  1. This is so cute! I love this linkup idea and would love to join <3 I dropped my phone twice this week and still not a scratch! I think I'm testing my luck!


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