Friday, April 18, 2014


This weeks themes:
clearing, digging, mixing, reading, watching

I'm currently clearing out my boyfriend's laptop. It was running so slow, that I download a virus program, which helped somewhat. Then I decided to uninstall some programs and delete stuff and now I screwed up his internet; meaning there's none! Ok, so I'm not a computer whiz. I know the basics. 

I'm currently digging in the dirt. I want to start gardening and planting flowers, veggies, and fruits. 

I'm currently mixing nothing. I haven't made anything from scratch in awhile. Even though I did help my grandfather and mom make Easter cookies from scratch, I didn't mix the dough.  

I'm currently reading nothing. I buy book after book, but I never seem to sit down and actually read them. 

I'm currently watching the food network and DIY network a lot lately. I love cooking (I'm considering majoring in it) and I love those landscaping shows. 

xx Courtney


  1. Have a great weekend :) and a great Easter

  2. Haha your "clearing" story made me laugh because I know if I ever tried to speed up our SO SLOW computer I'd do the exact. same. thing! It's the thought that counts, right? I found you via the Currently linkup! I Blog at Hands and Hearts More Than Full :) xo Crista

  3. I never liked digging in the earth. I don't mind getting dirty but earth is a weird way of dirt :) Love your currently!


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