Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Currently: March 2016

Reading... The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane by Kelly Harms. 
Playing... nothing. 
Watching... The Middle.  
Trying... to find a different job. Something in the food industry. 
Cooking... less. I hate how little cooking I've been doing. But I don't have much time anymore. It's my passion and it's bumming me out. 
Drinking... water. I don't drink much, other than juice and water. 
Calling... no one. 
Texting... no one lately. 
Pinning... whatever catches my eye. 
Tweeting... random things; freebies, giveaways, etc. 
Going...  nowhere. I went to school to sub for a few days this month. 
Loving... that March is almost over.
Hating... March. This has been another bad month.
Discovering... more about myself and what I want in life. 
Thinking... about changing careers. Teaching preschoolers isn't for me anymore. So, I'm thinking about going into the food industry or another industry in general. 
Feeling... tired, lost, and worn out. 
Hoping... things with Jose work out. We hit a snag this month, took a break, and things haven't been back to normal since. So, I'm hoping things work out with him (I still want to be with him and all) and things go back to normal with us. 
Listening (to)... nothing in particular. 
Celebrated... my mom's birthday a few days ago. 
Buying... new clothes and stuff at Bath and Body Works. 
Smelling... nothing. 
Ordering... vital records. Not for myself but for genealogy purposes.
Considering... a career in the food industry. 
Starting... to study for my driver's permit test. 
Finishing... March. 


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