Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Goals

Happy March! Thank god February is over, it was the worst month so far this year. I'm hoping March is better. I don't have many plans for this month besides subbing more at school and making Easter cookies, which I've been making with my mom and grandfather since I was little (RIP grandpa, I miss you everyday). The cookies are a family tradition that my grandfather started making when he was little with my great grandmother. 

Anyway, as I said in the early January, I want to make this a good year. I want to improve my life more and not just let the days go by. I would like to move out of my parents house eventually, get my own place with Jose, get a decent paying job, get out of therapy permanently, start driving, and enjoy life. 

Today, I'm linking up Jenny at Breakfast At Lilly's for The Road To A Better Me. Since this is my first monthly goal post and I don't normally track my goals, I'm starting small. 

  1. Get my permit (again). 
  2. Put at least $500 in my savings account. 
  3. Blog more. 
  4. Do more art journaling and more art in general. 
  5. Organize and de-clutter my room. 
  6. Develop a side business. This will be through this blog or teaching people how to do something. 


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