Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How To Use HTML On Your Blog

For those who are unsure about how to format HTML or for those who are new to blogging, I'll be showing you how to use it on your blog today. It's a simple HTML and it's great for adding pictures or buttons to your sidebar. 

Now for step 3 (For some reason, photobucket wouldn't save my screencap). 

Once you've open the HTML/Java Scrip gadget, type this code in. 

<a href="LINK OF WEBSITE HERE"><img src="LINK OF IMAGE HERE" /></a>

If none of this is formatted correctly, none of it will work. So here are some things not to do:

  • Don't forget the quotation marks around the links, it won't work if you do.
  • Don't forget the slashes. 
  • Don't forget the space between the "<a" and the "href=". 
  • Don't put "target="_blank" anywhere in it. It's not necessary and it will work just find without it. 
Here's an example of how it's supposed to look:

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

You can also write it this way: 

<a href="LINK OF WEBSITE HERE"><img border="0" src="LINK OF IMAGE HERE" /></a>

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a>

Writing it this way won't effect your image or the link. But the best way to write the code, is to just keep it simple and copy the first one above. 

And finally here are some other HTML codes for your blog.

Bold: <b> </b> 
Center: <center> </center>
Italics: <i> </i>
Underline: <u> </u>

Getting the idea? Always have the less than symbol, followed by the letter or word, followed by the greater than symbol and never forget to close it at the end with the slash. The slash in a code, is how you close it. 

I learned this by teaching myself from online tutorials. HTML is simple, so just follow the steps above and you'll be fine. 

Any questions or problems, just leave a comment or email me. 

xx Courtney 


  1. Great intro to HTML post. I am copying and pasting the codes to my sheets. I have been teaching myself too since the 90s. Yes, I am forty plus years old. I have also used her blog for Day 10 of the October Daily Challenge. :)

    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  2. I agree! HTML can be as easy as pie! :) You just need to give some time to learn it and youll definitely be a bit of a pro in no time!

  3. Hi! Visiting from the Weekend Wander Blog Hop. Thanks as I am a newbie in the game and I need to learn as much as I can, especially this!

  4. Easy-to-follow. Good tutorial! :) (I blog on tech-related stuff at

  5. Great tutorial! Stopping by from the Northeastern Weekend Wander Hop!


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