Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Fashion Tag

Today, I'm linking up with Fay of Pretty Polish for The Fashion Tag. 

What's your favorite shop to buy clothes?
I love American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Express, H&M, JC Penny, and Kohls. 

What do you usually buy when you're out shopping? 
I'll buy some shirts, nail polish, leggings, and jewelry. 

What five fashion items are currently on your wishlist?
Scarves, boots with a heel, some long sleeve shirts, leggings, and jeans.

What do you wear the most: leggings, jeans, skirts or dresses?
Leggings. I used to wear jeans a lot, but then I came across leggings and omg, they are so comfortable. 

What's the most expensive fashion item you own? 
Hmmm...probably my Uggs.

If you won the lottery, what shop would you love to go on a shopping spree in?
I'd love to shop at every store! Especially Forever 21, American Eagle, and Urban Outfitters. 

How often do you shop for clothes, accessories or other fashion items?
A few times a month. I used to shop every weekend,but money's a little tight right now, so I've cut down on it.  

xx Courtney 

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