Monday, October 21, 2013

October Daily: Fragrances

I love all the fall scents. You know, pumpkin, cinnamon, maple, nutmeg, etc. It's like heaven to me. Reminds me of a nice cozy home with a fireplace and candles burning. It reminds me of the pumpkin picking, the crisp weather, upstate NY, leaves changing colors, baking fall desserts, and Thanksgiving. 

I love the smell of garlic. I don't know why like the smell of garlic, I just do. I also like the smell of spices, like crushed red pepper flakes. There's a nice smokey, savory fragrance to it that I love. 

I love the smell of balsam. It reminds me of Maine and Christmas. I have a pillow from Maine filled with it and OMG I love it. 

I love the smell of baked goods in the oven. It's so cozy, warm, sweet, and homey. 

I love the way hair salons smell. 

I love walking into Michaels and automatically smelling that certain aroma. I'm nit sure what it is, I think it's the fake flowers, but I love it nonetheless. 

I love walking into Yankee Candle and smelling all those fragrances at once.

I love walking into Godiva or a chocolate store and the aroma of chocolate just hits you. It's the best. 

And finally, I love the smell of coconut. It's so summery and refreshing. 

xx Courtney 


  1. Hmm, the smell of pumpkin and nutmeg or a fresh fire really reminds me of fall. I love this time of the year.


  2. I love the smell of chocolate and Michael's (I think its the fake flowers) too and Yankee Candle. Stopping by from the Meet & Greet today! New follower via Bloglovin.


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