Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Daily

What are 5 songs that elevate your mood?

1. The Saturdays - Disco Love
I love this group. They're from England and I've been listening to them since 2009. 

2. The Saturdays - All Fired Up
Ok, so I really like them. But they always cheer me up!

3. Little Mix - How Ya Doin'
Another girl group from England who I love. 

4. Lady Gaga - Applause
I love Lady Gaga, she's my favorite pop singer. 

5. Rita Ora - Radioactive
She's also from England and I LOVE her. She has a lot of sass and her songs are just so good. As you can see I like artists from England. Personally, they're better than our artists. 

Bonus: Imagine Dragons - On Top Of The World
I love this band. Who doesn't, right? I've been listening to them since the summer of 2012 and I'm so glad they're getting the attention they deserve on the radio. 

xx Courtney  

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