Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cents of Style: How To Shop For Less

We all want to look good, but clothes can be expensive. $26 for shirt, $50 for jeans; my wallet's running away thinking about those prices. So how can you look good but not spend a fortune? Well, that's what I'm going to show you. 

1. You can shop at outlets. They offer the same stuff but for less. Nordstroms Rack, for example, has great clothes for great prices. If you've never heard of this store, it's an outlet type store for Nordstroms. Whatever doesn't sell in the regular store, goes to the Rack for less. That's what outlets do. They take items that don't sell and sell them for less at these stores.

2. Look for sales and coupons. I'm not a fan of those 10%, 20% type sales. They do nothing for me. I like BOGO sales and $10 and $20 type sales. That's where you get a great sale. I don't really like loyalty cards though. Honestly, they do nothing for me, no matter how much I shop somewhere. You can find coupons from the store's site, through signing up for the store's emails, or online through sites like Retail Me Not. Use your coupons ladies!

3. Check the sales racks at stores. You never know what you'll find. I once found a Calvin Klein shirt at Lord & Taylor for $10! It originally retailed for like $20 or something, I forget. But the point is, check those sales racks ladies!

4. Shop off season. They'll usually mark down prices for off season clothes. So, shop for spring and summer clothes in the fall/winter and vice versa. You can normally get a winter jacket or coat for less than you would normally during the actual season. This is because the store has inventory they want to get rid of.

5. Shop at non-name brand stores and not just department stores. Shop at small boutiques or small stores in your area. You'll find a great outfit without the fortune.

Hope these tips help! Next Friday, I will be doing a Shop The Look post for this series.

xx Courtney 


  1. These are always interesting posts, but I truly do find it's sometimes hard for guys to shop. I have a hard time being too frugal with good clothes because if I go cheap, it seems like they fall apart faster!

    Visiting from the Northeast Bloggers weekend wander hop.

  2. Great tips - I love Nordstrom's Rack! My favorite place to shop though is TJMaxx, I always get the best designer stuff there!

    Undeniably, me

  3. Great tips! If you learned how to sew, you could get crazy deals like this chick who makes thrift store finds into awesome clothing (, but since I can barely sew, I totally prefer places like Kohl's.

    Just stopping by from the Northeast Bloggers link up. Have an awesome day!

  4. Great Tips. I'm stopping by from Super Sunday Sync link party!. Followed you on Pinterest. Have a great one!
    Lucy from Coffee With Us 3

  5. These are good tips. I recently took a walk into a local store I've never been in and walked so happy with some of my finds. Who knew!!

  6. We just got a Nordstrom Rack in my city, so I'll definitely have to go check it out now! Thanks for sharing these great tips! :)


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