Thursday, November 14, 2013


This weeks themes:
wishing, typing, moving, thinking, laughing

I'm currently wishing for an apartment, the weekend to stay around forever, a job, endless money, to move out of NYC (I can't stand this cold weather), and for the holidays to come. 

I'm currently typing a number of blog posts up. I have general posts that I'm working on and I'm also working on a few new series: My Two Cents, Cents Of Style, and Wedding Wednesday. 

I'm currently moving into a chapter soon. I plan on moving out of my parents house next year and into my apartment with Jose. I'm also engaged and I'll be getting married in 2016. 

I'm currently thinking about Jose (like always), wedding planning, job searching (still), the new blog series, and lately my brain's been on beauty and fashion. 

I'm currently laughing at everything! I'm always laughing! Yesterday, I was cracking up over the fact that the silliest and craziest things happen to my fiance. He was talking to admissions yesterday at college and they mixed him up with another student. My fiance is Jose M. Batista and he's born on October 13, 1989. This student is Jose E. Batista born on April 10, 1992. So, I was joking with him saying that I'm going to give him a birthday present on April 10. I swear the craziest things happen to him. Social security had him listed as a female for a few years. Why I don't know. So, I was joking with him calling him Josephina. Jose and I have a lot of laughs and great times together. 

xx Courtney 

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