Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dear Groopdealz

I'm not buying from this company ever ever ever again. I bought a number of things from them and while I've been happy with most of the purchases, a couple of items I haven't been happy with. The quality has been terrible. For example, I bought a bunch of bracelets last year and when it came in the mail, one of them was broken. Not cool Groopdealz! Not cool!

Now, here's where I get really pissed off at this lame company. I also won a giveaway from them via A Night Owl Blog. First they said it would be a $100 credit to their site. Then, I got an email from the person running the giveaway (not A Night Owl Blog, someone else) saying that it's a $100 Visa gift card. I was fine with that as long as I get my prize. Now, here's the problem. I won this giveaway back in late September. Yes, a month ago! It's now November and no gift card has come. I contacted the person running the giveaway and she said she would keep me posted. I have not heard back from her and I will not be using this site anymore.

Groopdealz, I like the stuff you feature. Good prices and deals. But get your sh*t together! Get better employees, get the company under control, and then maybe we'll do business again.

Oh, and I wouldn't be a vendor with this company if I were you. I applied once, they contacted me back, and when I respond nothing happened. Apparently, from other reports I've read, it's a scam. Apparently, they took one vendor's items and started manufacturing them in Japan. To me, they're a lousy, lame, suckish company that's unprofessional.

I will not use them anymore. I will not buy from them anymore. I made my final purchase tonight, after realizing that I'm supporting an unprofessional lousy company. Please save your time and money and shop somewhere else. Don't support them!

You can find a scam report here and a number of complaints here and here.

Now it's time to send them a not so lovely email.

xx Courtney

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